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The Conference Regarding the Implementation at Local Level of the Government Strategy for Improvement of Roma Situation in Romania

Brasov, November, 23rd to 25th

The Workshops 1 & 2

The morning workshops of the Brasov Conference were dedicated to the collaboration between the local administration and the civil society and to the mechanisms used in the application of the governamental strategy.

The partnership between the authorities and the Roma comunities was improved by the implementation of two projects, one concerning the sanitary moderator (develped by Romani Criss organisation) and the other regarding the creation of local initiative groups, elaborated by the Agency for Communitarian Development "Impreuna". Their objective was to create a bound between the authorities and the Roma communities and to provide a framework for collaboration. Those projects are on going and, in some departments, they helped in drawing up a schedule for the application of the governamental strategy.

Another point of debate was the Conception concerning the organisation of the Departamental Offices for Roma, drafted by the Public Information Ministry, and which is meant to estabilsh an institutional representation for the Roma inside the local administration. For the moment, these offices are using people who were already working in the local administration structures. Accordingly to the strategy, in the next months, resources are to be found in order to hire exclusively dedicated personnel.

The session was closed by a short intervention of Dan Jurcan, secretary of state in the Public Information Ministry. He announced that, for 2002, there is a 900,000 euros fund for the Roma projects. He also encouraged the Roma associations and the local administration representatives to use all the resources they can get in order to improve the Roma comunities situation.

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